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Business Loan Alternative with Merchant Cash Group


If you are a business owner who accepts credit cards as a method of payment and you are in need of a business loan, then Merchant Cash Group can help.

At Merchant Cash Group we offer business cash advances, which can provide you with the working capital you need to keep your business operating. With a merchant cash advance you can leverage the greatest asset you have- your future sales. We provide your business with upfront funding by purchasing your future credit card receivables at a discount. Then, we deduct a small portion of your daily credit card transactions so we get paid as you do, all with very little risk. Our clients use their merchant advance for things such as: expansions, renovations, payroll, inventory or new equipment. We also specialize in restaurant loans and several other business loan alternatives.


Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business without enduring the hassle of obtaining a traditional loan from a bank. At Merchant Cash Group we offer both traditional and fast funding programs, which gives you the business owner, a quick and easy way to improve the future of your business by having access to cash now. Given the current economic state that has affected businesses nationwide, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain capital from banks and financial institutions. We can provide you with the business funding you need when other financial institutions simply cannot. With Merchant Cash Group you will experience an easy application process, helpful customer service, and you can receive business loans for up to $250,000 within 7 business days. Experience the professionalism of a bank without the hassles of one.

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