How Our Funding Process Works

At Merchant Cash Group, we understand how busy and overwhelmed small business owners can get in running the day-to-day operations of their business.  When you add the stress of being in a financial crunch, whether it’s needing to meet payroll obligations or to pay a contractor for your recent expansion or for any other reason, the last thing you as a small business owner want to deal with is the the headaches of working with banks and other traditional lenders to get the funding you need to meet your financial obligations.  To receive a merchant cash advance from Merchant Cash Group, you need only to follow a few simple steps to receive an offer and, ultimately, your funding.

01: Submit your information using our “Funding Estimate” box on the top of this page. Once we receive your information, a member of our merchant support team will get in contact with you to discuss what cash advance program you may qualify for, and to send you the full application for your merchant cash advance.

02: Once you receive the full application, you will need to submit it, along with your business bank statements from the last three months, to our underwriting department so we can analyze your recent sales history.  If your business accepts credit cards, we will also request your merchant processing statements from the last three months so we can get a better picture of your company’s sales.

03: Once our underwriting department receives you completed application, three months of bank statements, and three months of merchant processing statements (if applicable), we will review your information and determine the funding amount you qualify to receive. Once we determine you are qualified to receive a merchant cash advance, we will discuss the funding options available to you to ensure that you completely understand the terms, and are fully comfortable with the offer you receive

04: Once you accept one of the merchant cash advance offers, we will work quickly to complete the process and ensure you receive your funds as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. Once the all documentation is received, the contract is signed, and you are comfortable and satisfied with the terms, you can expect to receive your merchant cash advance the next business day.

Delivering Your Receivables to Merchant Cash Group

A merchant cash advance from Merchant Cash Group is a purchase of your business’s future sales, or receivables.  As customers pay you for the goods and/or services you provide, a portion of those sales are delivered to Merchant Cash Group on each business day. We have two methods through which your receivables can be delivered to us described below, and our merchant support team will be glad to offer further explanation, as well.

ACH – Merchant Cash Group will debit your account daily based on the amount of sales being deposited into your company’s bank account. We constantly review your sales and adjust your daily amount accordingly so we are only receiving the specified percentage of receivables we purchased.  If you have a slow week, the amount of receivables you will deliver to us will go down.  On a better week, that amount will go up.  We will continue debiting your account for our portion of your sales until we obtain the amount we purchased from you.

Split – With the split method, we will work with your credit card processor, or help provide you with a new one, that will allow us to split each credit card sale between your business and Merchant Cash Group, based on a previously agreed upon percentage.  As your customers make credit card payments, we receive a percentage of those sales until the amount of your receivables that we have purchased are delivered.

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